Walkable Urban Places: Good for Business, Good for Health

Pedestrian-oriented street near the GWU Campus in Washington, DC

Two recently released two reports explore the re-emergence of walkable urban places—dubbed “WalkUPs”—and possibly the decline of sprawl in two major U.S. cities: Atlanta, GA and Washington, DC. Findings from both reports showed that the economic value of neighborhoods is positively correlated with the walkability of those neighborhoods….
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Building Healthy Places: ULI Reaches Out and Builds Awareness

Ed McMahon speaking at the HEAL Cities & Towns Campaign Summit in Westminster, Colorado.

Raising awareness of the connections between health and the built environment is a major focus of ULI’s Building Healthy Places Initiative. In late 2013, Ed McMahon, Senior Resident Fellow, had the opportunity to reach out to several important groups on behalf of this initiative….
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ULI Research Roundup: The Impact of Bicycle Infrastructure Investment on Retail Sales and Job Creation

Courtesy of Streetsblog

What are the economic benefits of bicycle infrastructure on retail sales and jobs? The links between bicycle infrastructure and economic returns, measured by retail sales and new jobs, is something that ULI research staff gets asked about frequently….
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Colorado Health Foundation and ULI Working to Create Healthier Communities in Colorado

Panelists work on recommendations for creating a healthier Arvada.

In the spring of 2013 the Colorado Health Foundation sponsored three ULI Advisory Services panels in Colorado communities of varying typology with the goal of developing strategies for healthy living environments, where the healthy choice is the easy choice. These panels marked the first time that Advisory Services panels focused specifically on connections between land use and health, and served as a launching point for ULI’s newest initiative, Building Healthy Places….
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Strategies for Reviving Retail: Lessons from the Fall Meeting

Darwin's Retail Fall Meeting panel from left: Morgan Dene Oliver, Nick A. Egelanian, Randall Hiatt, and P.Eric Hohmann.

How can shopping centers be repositioned to compete in today’s retail market that has shifted so strongly to e-commerce? What businesses can best replace declining department stores in order to ensure the shopping centers will thrive? Those questions were discussed in the session Darwin’s Retail: Survival of the Fittest at the ULI Fall Meeting in Chicago. …
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