National Experts Provide Input and Recommendations to ULI’s Demonstration Corridors


National Study Visits in Nashville, Denver, Los Angeles, and Boise brought national experts together with local leaders to recommend priorities and next steps for ULI’s Demonstration Corridors in their quest to become more health promoting for the people who live, work, and travel along them….
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From Dismal to Great: Recap and Resources from Healthy Corridors Concurrent Session at Fall Meeting

Panel participants, from right to left: Melani V. Smith. AICP, Principal, Melendrez; Sharon Roerty, Senior Program Officer, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; David Thorpe, VP Shaw Construction; Ben Quintana, Council Member, City of Boise; John Vick, Research Analyst, Division of Epidemiology & Research, Metro Nashville Public Health Department; and Joaquin Torres, Deputy Director, Office of Economic & Workforce Development, City of San Francisco

Many communities are working hard to craft a healthier, more connected future. But too often, underperforming commercial corridors stand in the way. These places, with auto-oriented infrastructure, fast moving traffic, few street trees or pedestrian amenities, spread out land use patterns, and other challenges, may yet represent the last great smart growth and infill opportunity….
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