Governors Advisory Panel – Wilson Station, Chicago, IL


Date: April 23 – 26, 2012

Location: Chicago, IL

Sponsor: the City of Chicago and the Chicago Transit Authority

Chair: Christopher W. Kurz

Mary Borgia
Tom Gardner
Tom Murphy

Subject Area: Transit-Oriented Development


The CTA is seeking to understand the market potential for development opportunities on CTA-owned land that will be compatible with the planned improvements to the transit infrastructure and Wilson Station and the necessary long-term access and maintenance requirements of such a structure. The CTA is also interested in how the work at the Wilson Station can take advantage of the assets of the Uptown community and support further economic development of that area, including the concept of the Uptown Entertainment District. Additionally, the CTA is seeking guidance on the best way to structure any offerings for development at the Wilson transit-oriented development (TOD) site, so as to attract the greatest interest from the private development community and maximize revenue to the CTA.

The panel focused on several physical, institutional, and organization improvements that can help the CTA and the city move forward with a redevelopment strategy.

These recommendations include the following:

  •  Immediately begin to address the issues of crime and homelessness;
  • Create a development program for parcels A, B, and C;
    Rehabilitate and use the Gerber Building;
  • Improve and focus foot traffic on Broadway to help commercial business along Broadway and Wilson;
    Establish an architecture and streetscape program that acts as a gateway to Truman College and the Uptown Entertainment District;
  • Partner with Truman College and other Uptown entities; and
  • Encourage redevelopment and rehabilitation of key parcels near the station.

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