Advisory Services Panel – Downtown San Bernadino


Date: June 24 – 29, 2007

Location: San Bernardino,CA

Sponsor: City and County of San Bernardino

Chair: William H. Hudnut III

Subject Area: Regional Growth and Planning, Downtown Revitalization

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  • How should the city capitalize on its assets and make the most of its community and economic development efforts?
  • How should the city prioritize its planning and development efforts?

Summary of Recommendations:

Draft plan for Downtown San Bernadino

The ULI panel was asked to recommend strategies, policies, and actions for the city and county of San Bernardinoto pursue with respect to land use, transportation, lifestyle, urban design, commerce, and government that would bring vitality and economic well-being back to the central business district. With the proposal of a large amount of mixed-use redevelopment in blighted downtown areas, and the growing popularity of the “back-to-downtown” movement,San Bernardino would be nicely positioned to be the most successful city within the Inland region.

Downtown San Bernadino

San Bernardino’s downtown was an empty and dirty space filled with vacant malls, loads of office space, and little residential or entertainment buildings. Within the panel’s grand vision,San Bernardinowould try and achieve four goals in redeveloping their city, these were: vitality, visibility, uniqueness and safety. The panel had proposed a large mixed-use development in the heart of downtown to replace the unutilized Carousel Mall. This would create a lively and active place, with streets/ sidewalks filled with residents and visitors. Increased pedestrian presence on the street at all hours, instead of just business hours, would vitalize downtown and increase safety. The construction of these large, dense developments would help increase the visibility of downtown from the nearby freeways, attracting potential consumers. San  Bernardino would utilize ts special attribute – a desert city with a large endowment of water – to create a unique city environment filled with water features. The expansion of the light rail system and the implementation of a bus rapid transit system would create sustainable ways for travel to and from the city. Collaboration between the city, community, public and private sectors would be essential for a successful completed product that everyone could be proud of.


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