Chairman Peter Rummell, Building Healthy Places Initiative Advisory Group

Peter Rummell Headshot

Peter Rummell
Principal, Rummell Company
Jacksonville, FL

Peter Rummell is the principal of the Rummell Company and has been active in the real estate development industry for over 40 years. He previously served as CEO of Nicklaus Companies in Palm Beach, Florida, CEO of St. Joe Company (NYSE:JOE), Chairman of Walt Disney Imagineering, and Vice-chairman of Rockefeller Center Management Corporation.

One comment on “Chairman Peter Rummell, Building Healthy Places Initiative Advisory Group

  1. I just read the wonderful article on Peter Rummell in last Sunday’s Times Union. I was so inspired by his vision of Healthy Town I wanted to learn more about Mr .Rummell. I know his 2 developments well..Celebration and Watercolor. ( I’ve lived in both areas and realized some good decisions and too lofty decisions ).

    I have just moved from Orlando after 20 plus years away back to Jacksonville. What an exciting project for Downtown Jacksonville!! Healthy living is the key to this urbanized space , along with great dining and cool bars on the river front.
    What a dynamic man to bring his wealth of knowledge and creativity to our much needed new vision of Jacksonville riverfront .

    Thank you Peter, you’ re awesome.

    Robin Dresser Owen

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