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WASHINGTON (November 18, 2015) — The Urban Land Institute’s (ULI) communications department is ready to  assist you with interview and research requests. For your benefit, we offer these tips and ideas related to land use and urban development issues:

Are Millennials Being Priced Out of Cities? — A new report from ULI, Bay Area in 2015, as well a new report from ULI Washington, Millennials Inside the Beltway, suggest that housing affordability concerns could ultimately cause Millennials to move to more affordable cities or on the outskirts of markets in which they currently are living. The inability of this generation to find moderate-cost housing is giving new urgency to the affordability issue that persists in high-cost markets throughout the U.S. Contact us to learn more about the reports, and the influence of Millennials on the housing sector.

Returns on Resilience: The Business Case – As climate change poses greater financial risks to real estate in the form of near-term extreme weather events and longer-term impacts like sea-level rise, developers and owners are increasingly investing in new infrastructure and technologies, innovative design and construction methods as well as other resiliency strategies to not only protect their properties, but to create value for their developments. Returns on Resilience: The Business Case, recently released by ULI, examines best practices in building for resilience from both an environmental and economic standpoint. Contact us to learn more and speak with our experts.

Eighteen-hour cities continue to rise in popularity“Eighteen-hour” cities, which are smaller than the largest global gateway markets, but just as vibrant and more affordable, are continuing to rise in popularity as magnets for investment and development. The allure of these cities is discussed in Emerging Trends in Real Estate® 2016, co-published by ULI and PwC. Contact us to learn more about what’s behind the trend of smaller cities making it big.

Technology and Real Estate — The real estate industry must adapt to the complex needs of innovative firms, according to Technology, Real Estate and the Innovation Economy, a new report from ULI. The report explores how the innovation economy creates a new normal for the real estate industry by disrupting patterns of supply and demand for workplaces, buildings, urban districts and cities. It recommends that the real estate sector adopt a ‘service provider’ mind set, allow for flexibility in its business models, and actively help grow tenants through collaborating with and supporting occupiers. Contact us for more information.

Closing the Gender Gap in Real Estate A new report from ULI, Women in Leadership in the Real Estate and Land Use Industry, recommends strategies to help women advance to executive-level positions within the real estate industry and overcome the still-existent challenge of gender inequality. Contact us to learn more about innovative programs being implemented close this gap and encourage diversity throughout the industry.

ULI’s 2016 Spring Meeting Comes to Philadelphia — ULI will hold its 2016 Spring Meeting April 19-21 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. The Spring Meeting routinely draws nearly 3,000 attendees, including renowned industry experts from around the world sharing insights on all aspects of real estate. A major focus for the 2016 gathering will be innovation, transformative place-making, and the entrepreneurial culture taking root in cities across the United States. Contact us for a complimentary registration to this event.


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About the Urban Land Institute:
The Urban Land Institute ( is a global nonprofit education and research institute supported by its members. Its mission is to provide leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide. Established in 1936, the Institute has over 37,000 members representing all aspects of land use and development disciplines.

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