Operating Committee

The Operating Committee, chaired by the ULI CEO, consists of the chairmen of the District Councils, Product Councils, Policy and Practice, Membership, and Program Committees. The Operating Committee also includes senior staff who regularly work with these chairmen in their respective operating areas.

Patrick L. Phillips

Chief Executive Officer
Urban Land Institute
Washington, D.C.
United States

Teri Frankiewicz

Chair, Councils
Vice President, Community Development
Crown Community Development
Naperville, Illinois
United States

Gadi Kaufmann

Chair, Membership
Managing Director and CEO
Bethesda, Maryland
United States

David R. Mayhood

Chair, District Councils
The Mayhood Company
McLean, Virginia
United States

Lynn Thurber

Chairman of ULI
LaSalle Investment Management
Chicago, Illinois
United States

Greg Johnson

Chair, Policy and Practice
Wright Runstad & Company
Seattle, Washington
United States

Lauralee Martin

Chair, Programs
President and CEO
Long Beach, California
United States